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how to start up vncserver w/o login?


I'm trying to set up a small server and am running into an administration 
problem. I am testing the effect of an unplanned power outage, currently by 
pulling the plug and watching what happens. The A/C power switch is set up so 
the unit restarts when power is restored, and ping works after a minute or so 
of reboot, as does apache. But I need remote access after I put the machine 
into use and I can't log in remotely with VNCviewer unless I go to the server 
in person and log in. Then everything is ok, both locally and remotely.

But does anyone know what I need to do to make the vncserver start up without 
a user login? And also it should be possible (or perhaps it will happen by 
default) that I can log in to the x session after I get access with 
vncviewer. References, howtos, pointers to documents welcome.

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