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Re: New Kernel

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
g wrote:
Ed Warner wrote:
Is there a way to run a new kernel other than restart the machine?

years back, there was a 'coldboot', 'reboot' and 'warmboot'.

I think the PCs version of WARM BOOT was the 3 fingered salute....

now, there is just 'coldboot', ie from power up and thru bios. 'reboot',
ie, restart from bios with out power down.

Ah yes, the RESET button....

'warmboot' reloaded default kernel to 'memory page zero', or other
'jump to' and reinstalled.

'warmboot' could also be passed a kernel name, which it would load to
'memory page zero', or other 'jump to' and ran as new.

because of what is needed for 'warmboot', i believe it was dropped,
because it was not that much time to reboot bios and new kernel can
be passed as an argument to 'boot prompt'.

Actually, there was some "bad" hardware produced back in the early days.
I once had a video controller that when it hung, it had to have a power-on-reset to clear it up. That kinda puts the kabosh on the other types of boots or use of the RESET button. Even though there are separate lines on the PC bus for RESET and PWRonRST, you kinda have to program to the worst hardware level to ensure that it all works right.

somewhere out in cyber, you may find some al programmer has written
a short 'warmboot'. maybe even in c.

I used to work on Prime Computers. When a process hung the whole computer, you could interrupt the system from the console and execute a WARM BOOT. It would reset the active process list and hopefully, the system would continue from where it left off. Kinda like re-starting the kernel, but without destroying the active process lists or resetting

Is this what coyotos does? I have not had time to play around with it but its definitely on the list of things i'd like to learn how to break : ) Its supposed to bring you right back to where you were in the event of a power failure or crash among other things, IIRC , I have a some hard copies of the stuff I read but hell if I know where I put them. Anyone have any first hand experience with it?

www. coyotos.org

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