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Re: problem with Dolphin

Germán Racca wrote:
Hi Max!

I upgraded from F6 to F9 from the DVD.
Dolphin and Konqueror worked well untill last week.
I don´t know what video drivers I´m running, but I will check it.
I saw that /usr/lib/libnepomuk.so.4 is a link to
/usr/lib/libnepomuk.so.4.0.1...is that right?
How can I check the integrity of libnepomuk.so.4?
Thank you very much!!!

Well I wasn't sure how to answer your question but I smelled a learning opportunity so here is what I have done. Running a terminal as a regular user :

 [x33 localhost ~]$ locate libnepomuk.so.4

[x33 localhost ~]$ file /usr/lib64/libnepomuk.so.4
/usr/lib64/libnepomuk.so.4: symbolic link to `libnepomuk.so.4.0.4'

It appears to point to a slightly different version of the file on my system than on yours. I feel like there are a couple of possibilities here : 1. Your running 386 system and I am on a x64 so that is why the versions are slightly different....2. Your symlink is pointing to the wrong file, maybe you missed an update or excluded a package from being updated and this resulted in breakage

There are perhaps other possibilities but you said it was working until last week and a.) this is all that occurs to me at this moment in time, i may get another idea later, i will let you know if so b.) these seem to me the most likely possibilities

Wait there is one more thing to do now that I think of it :

[x33 localhost ~]$ rpm --query --whatprovides libnepomuk.so.4
no package provides libnepomuk.so.4
[x33 localhost ~]$ rpm --query --whatprovides libnepomuk.so.4.0.4
no package provides libnepomuk.so.4.0.4

Color me confused here but then I did this :

[x33 localhost ~]$ file /usr/lib64/libnepomuk.so.4.0.4
/usr/lib64/libnepomuk.so.4.0.4: ELF 64-bit LSB shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), stripped

[x33 localhost ~]$ repoquery --whatprovides libnepomuk.so.4

[x33 localhost ~]$ repoquery --whatprovides libnepomuk.so.4.0.4
[x33 localhost ~]$

So I am more confused now than before but its not the first time so i did this:

[x33 localhost ~]$ rpm -V kdelibs-6:4.0.3-7.fc9.i386
package kdelibs-6:4.0.3-7.fc9.i386 is not installed
[x33 localhost ~]$ rpm -V kdelibs-6:4.0.4-4.fc9.i386
package kdelibs-6:4.0.4-4.fc9.i386 is not installed

This has not alleviated my confusion but its not surprising considering that my rpm query told me that nothing provides the two libnepomuk files in question, though i am still confused because they are obviously present. So at this point I feel like I am missing something obvious or simple.....I am on a 64bit system so maybe this is biting me somehow but I don't see it. Well the first file libnepomuk.so.4 is a symlink so maybe nothing provides the symlink but its created by another file to satisfy a dependency? I think its a good guess but that's all it is , in any case I feel like something should provide libnepomuk.so.4.0.4 but apparently not because a query tells me that nothing does so I don't know what to tell you at this point.Now maybe this file is part of or provided by something else but not listed by its name or linked to another file name?. I don't have any idea at this point. Try doing what I have done and see what results you get, I'd like to know since it might clear up some of these ?'s I have. I can tell you that running : "dolphin" command has the desired effect of running dolphin.

May the force be with you.

If you will understand that the spiritual aspect of experience is to the physical aspect in the same kind of relation as the water to the wave form, I can leave you to draw up your own answer....--Sir Arthur Eddington

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