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Re: Booting F9 with NO X11

On Sat, 2008-06-07 at 20:52 -0700, Scott Kidder wrote:
> If you prefer to have the system boot without X11, then you might want
> to edit the /etc/inittab file so that the default runlevel is 3.
> Here's what the last line of the stock /etc/inittab file on Fedora
> Core 9 might look like:
> id:3:initdefault:
> I believe the default is to boot in runlevel 5.  For machines without
> monitors or those without a working X11 setup, runlevel 3 works great.
> Once you're able to boot in runlevel 3 successfully, you should be
> able to configure X11 by running 'setup' and then selecting 'X
> configuration'.
> I hope this helps,
> --Scott Kidder

The problem was, that I could NOT get to a console in order to change
the inittab file. I added "text" to the boot command line so that I
could get to a console.

When I run "setup" and click on configure X windows, it ALWAYS goes into
a mode that the lcd panel on the notebook cannot handle (but it does
display on the connected LCD monitor). The graphics card on the HP 2133
is by VIA and it has a name something like "chrome". Let to it's own
devices, F9 configured it as "openchrome" as the driver listed in
xorg.conf. Unfortunately, this doesn't work - the notebook lcd panel
won't display anything.

What is also strange is that if I boot using the F8 LiveCD, everything
works fine. So I'm considering just installing F8 (the F9 LiveCD has the
same weird screen display problem as the F9 install DVD). I don't
understand why the graphics card in the notebook won't work with the
vesa driver. It is supposed to be a vga compatible card.

Rick B.

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