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Re: how to start up vncserver w/o login?

Dave Stevens <geek <at> uniserve.com> writes:

> It does and seems as if it would work. I have stopped work on this because it 
> seems vnc is unavoidably unacceptably slow. 

I use this all the time and it works at an acceptable rate.

> I tried Freenx and the nomachine 
> linux client and it addresses the need for pre-login functionality nicely
> and gives much better throughput, allows higher resolutions, etc.

I am interested to know if Freenx or !M are able to reproduce the functionality
that I get using vncserver as described in my previous post.

However I asked on the list some time ago if anyone could confirm that
they had got freenx or !M to make a connection to the native desktop on
a remote machine without any local user having logged in on the remote machine
locally, but I never had any confirmation that it was in fact possible or
that anyone had actually managed it.

This particular use for connection to a remote desktop is vital for me to
manage a remote machine where the local user there is non-computer literate.

I'd still like to hear from anyone who has done this.

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