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Re: Booting F9 with NO X11

On Sun, 2008-06-08 at 06:59 -0600, Kenneth Lee wrote:
>         >
>         > id:3:initdefault:
>         >
>         > --Scott Kidder
>         The problem was, that I could NOT get to a console in order to
>         change
>         the inittab file. I added "text" to the boot command line so
>         that I
>         could get to a console.
> After boot, get another virtual terminal session (Alt-Ctrl-F1 through
> F6)  Just use Alt-Ctrl-F1 or Alt-Ctrl-F2.  Then login as root and
> update the /etc/inittab as Scott described.  Reboot.  Warning: Never
> set the initdefault to 6 - your machine will reboot constantly - just
> keep it to 
> 3 for Text, and 5 for Graphical.
> Hope this helps, Ken
> -- 
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Sounds great on paper - this was the first thing I tried when F9 booted
into a blank non-functional display. Unfortunately, everything was
locked up completely. I had to use the power button to re-boot - nothing
else was possible. The solutions was to add "text" to the boot options
to boot into a text console and try to fix xorg.conf from there.
Unfortunately, the best I could do was display on an external monitor
attached via the vga port - have not been able to get F9 to display on
the notebook's own lcd display. So I've installed F8 (wiping out F9 for
now). F8 works fine (only added acpi=off to avoid an error message). I
don't get the highest possible resolution but is functional (and
wireless works with ndiswrapper).

In xorg.conf I switched F9's choice of openchrome (which would seem to
be the correct one) to vesa to get the display on the external monitor.
This is what F8 LiveCD used so I thought it was a possibility with F9.

When F9 started up, eventually the screen shows some weired patterns and
then locks up the machine completely (unless you add "text" to the boot
options). I could never get to look at the xorg log.

Rick B.

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