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Re: NetworkManager: how to select wireless interface

> Hi,
> on my laptop I have 2 wireless interfaces:
> IPW2100 (Centrino)
> Linksys PCMCIA
> How do I tell NetworkManager which one to use?
> If I click on the applet and select the network under one of the 2
> interfaces, then they are both
> connected, as I can see from /sbin/ifconfig.
> This is using the most updated Fedora 9 on a x86.
> How can I tell Network Manager not to use one of the 2 interfaces?

You could, simply, remove the PCMCIA card, or turn off the Centrino

In all seriousness...if the Centrino interface is working, why have the
Linksys card inserted, at all?  And if the opposite is true, and the
Linksys is working, why leave the Centrino interface turned on.
Mike Burger

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