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Re: Thunderbird Contamination

Robin Laing wrote:
Jim wrote:
FC 8 , Thunderbird

I have a friend that has about 300-400 old email messages laying in his inbox of Thunderbird and when he tries to read New emails they are mixed in with old ones and some of them are blank, it just a big box of sh-t . I removed his emails and AddressBook from Thunderbird, and deleted and reinstalled his AddressBook and old emails back into the new Thunderbird , everything was working for a few hours and then here we go again.
Are there Viruses that affect  strictly  Email  Browsers  like  this ??
This always seems like that he goes through this everytime he gets a large amount of Emails stored in his Inbox.

As you kept the mbox's, have you tried to compact the boxes?

I have email going back years on my box with TB and I don't have an issues over multiple version updates. I do know that if I don't compact, then I have issues.

I am using Fetchexe to get my mail off the Exchange server and if I don't compact the mailbox it goes to, after moving the mail, then the mail will reappear.

Compact would be the same as Evolutions expunge in my books.

delete the .msf files for those mailboxes. These are index files that have gone corrupt. Tbird will rebuild the file next time you view the mailbox.

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