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Re: I HATE Evolution ! Thunderbird ?

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 12:08 -0600, linuxguy wrote:
> I've been using Evolution as my email client since RH8.  I hate it
> because it seems to get confused if one opens up an email or changes
> mail folders while it is downloading emails from the server. 
> When it does this, it goes into a death spiral of "saving folder" and
> "Retrieving message XXXX" and "Fetching mail".
> This wouldn't be that annoying except that when it happens it uses
> almost 100% of the processor power and doesn't seem to respond to "nice"
> settings. 
> Furthermore, the process takes forever to resolve itself.  It may get
> the folder "99%" stored in 5 to 10 minutes, but then it goes for 15
> minutes before the status changes.  And you can't view/edit/send any
> email while this is happening.  It totally ties up my laptop and is
> terrible for battery life when it happens.
> Usually I resort to shutting down Evolution with "evolution
> --force-shutdown".  Then I run "evolution --offline" to restart it,
> whereby at least that removes the "Fetching mail" process from messing
> things up.  It also helps not to "Restore settings" so that the email
> its trying to retrieve doesn't mess things up. 
> > 
> That  leaves just the "storing folder" process to run.   It generates
> tons of errors if you run it from the command line. 
> FWIW, there is nothing wrong with my hard drive.   I've had this issue
> on 2 different computers. 
> My email setup is 6 different gmail accounts, being sorted into about 25
> folders via rules.   The largest folder has about 150,000 messages in
> it.  The smallest one has 5,000 messages in it.
> Is anyone using Thunderbird like this ?  How does it compare ?  How hard
> is it to move over to it ?
If you're using IMAP with gmail (which is the recommended method), you
can simply configure Thunderbird like you have configured Evolution and
run either.

If you have a folder with that many e-mails on a remote server, I think
you can expect long delays.

Also, with that type of setup, I would HEAVILY recommend that you not do
'junk mail filtering' because that would cause some of the issues that
you are claiming with Evolution.


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