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Re: I HATE Evolution ! Thunderbird ?

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 11:56 -0700, Dan Thurman wrote:
> On Monday 09 June 2008 11:08:46 am linuxguy wrote:
> > I've been using Evolution as my email client since RH8.  I hate it
> > because it seems to get confused if one opens up an email or changes
> > [snip!]
> > Is anyone using Thunderbird like this ?  How does it compare ?  How hard
> > is it to move over to it ?
> > Thanks
> 1) I have had the same sort of problems (and more) with Evolution
>     and I got tired of it.  The hard part is getting it all configured
>     correctly. But even then, it is a resource hog as you mentioned,
>     but what pissed me off mostly was bugs, crashes, and manually
>     killing the processes when things go wrong with evo.

I run evolution using MH folders (1 directory/folder, 1 file/message)
and have had similar problems.  Here are some of the problems I've seen
at various time:

1)  frequent crashes
2)  having it mix up the headers with the message content
3)  having it eat up 100%CPU time and having to manually delete screwed
up index files and kill processes.

I have filed bug reports, but the evolution people usually tell me that
the version of evolution that I am running is old and the bugs are fixed
in a more recent version.  This is even with running the latest updates
from the fedora-updates repository and even the fedora-updates-testing
repo.  The evolution maintainers have suggested that I run the debug

I do wonder if there are any stable versions of Evolution (centos?).
I've never run one that was.

Oh, and I use MH folders because it give me the options of writing quick
little shell scripts to manipulate messages.  Sometimes I just prefer
doing things on the command line over a gui... Oh and yes, I do have
some large folders...

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