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Re: NetworkManager: how to select wireless interface

Bill Davidsen wrote:

> NM has been around since FC6, people have had these complaints since
> FC6, nothing has gotten better since FC6. Actually, since some
> system-config tools have been removed, things have gotten worse. There
> is no good documentation, there is only a raft of incomplete and in some
> cases contradictory documents from various uncoordinated sources.

I must say my experience has been very different.
NM now works under Fedora-9 almost perfectly - say 95% of the time - for me,
when it used to take hours to get connected 
with previous versions of Fedora.

I agree that the documentation is more or less non-existent,
and what little there is verges on parody,
eg the man entry which tells you NM "Just Works".

On the 5% of the time, when NM does not work for me,
it gets into an incomprehensible circular path,
where it keeps asking me for my encryption code,
but does not allow me to say what kind of encryption I'm using.
(There is a button to choose encryption type,
but it only allows None.)
This is under KDE.

I think the OP's complaint is somewhat bizarre.
Basically, he/she is saying NM works too well.

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