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Re: Silicon Image sata pc card sil3512a

Robert Karge wrote:

I'm running Fedora 8 on a 32bit Intel processor and I love it.

I recently purchased the pc card noted in the subject and Fedora found it
and with two 500Gb drives it worked flawlessly.
I setup Raid and once again perfection.  Shortly after that one of the 500s,
which was a recent purchase, failed and the only replacement available at
the time was a 750Gb.

That drive will not work or be recognized by the pc sata card and locks the
card up when both 500 and 750 are connected together.  I began a search for
the one page doc that came with the card but of course being a good techie I
had thrown it away.

Could someone give me some help rectifying my problem?


Bob Karge

I would try setting the jumpers on the seagate drive, there should be 2 jumpers that may make a different, one forces 1.5Gbps (rather than 3.0), and there may be a second jumper to force spin-up.

You might also check to see if the other ports on the SIL card work, I have seen some of the sil cards were 2 ports are on the same chip driving the sata bus, and I could see some conditions were 2 different companies drives sharing the same driver chip may cause some funny things to happen.

And some sata controllers are not able to spin-up a disk on power up, and some controllers aren't able to force 1.5Gbps on the drive (when either 3.0Gbps is not available on the card, or does not work for some other reason).


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