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Re: I HATE Evolution ! Thunderbird ?

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 11:56 -0700, Dan Thurman wrote:
> On Monday 09 June 2008 11:08:46 am linuxguy wrote:
> > I've been using Evolution as my email client since RH8.  I hate it
> > because it seems to get confused if one opens up an email or changes
> > [snip!]
> > Is anyone using Thunderbird like this ?  How does it compare ?  How hard
> > is it to move over to it ?
> > Thanks
> 1) I have had the same sort of problems (and more) with Evolution
>     and I got tired of it.  The hard part is getting it all configured
>     correctly. But even then, it is a resource hog as you mentioned,
>     but what pissed me off mostly was bugs, crashes, and manually
>     killing the processes when things go wrong with evo.
> 2) I have tried Kmail and again, it has it's own set of problems,
>     one involving threads, and it is SLOW depending on your MB.
>     I am using an Intel dual-proc Core-Duo w/2GB ram and it is slow
>     only because it needs to sync and process each email messages
>     if you enable thread support.  It seems faster without threading
>     enabled. By threading, I mean email threading.  I LOVE the versatility
>     of configuring the Fonts for each gui panes.  Very nice.  This is my
>     current email client. As with Thunderbird, when you click on a folder,
>     it is at this point where synchronization to the server gets updated and
>     you have to wait until it is finished - the CPU hits hard, slowing things
>     down, so you are somewhat forced to wait before beginning the next
>     step.  I wish that this process is done automatically, is niced, and
>     happens transparently, but it is what it is.
> 3) I have successfully configured and tried Thunderbird and I do like it
>     but it is not as versatile/configurable as Kmail, imo.  I ran into trouble
>     initially with configuring since it was 'different' than what I was used
>     to and had to get used to the idea of 'expunge' and emtpying the 'trash',
>     a two-step process.  With Kmail, I just have to empty the trash but then
>     I set the configuration to empty the trash on exit.  Pretty minor.
> In all three cases above, my biggest problem was connecting to M$ exchange
> as my main email server - I had to configure exchange to ALLOW connections
> but once I got through this correctly, it all worked well.
FWIW - I use Evolution and have used it for years and I get A LOT of

The only issue I have ever had with Evolution and slow/crashing was when
I turned on 'junk mail filtering' as that tends to really drag it
down...perhaps they've improved that aspect because I haven't used it
for years.

If I was dealing with Exchange server, I surely would be using Evolution
and the Exchange connector.


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