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Re: I HATE Evolution ! Thunderbird ?

On Monday 09 June 2008 20:36:42 Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> 2008/6/9 Anne Wilson <cannewilson googlemail com>:
> > On Monday 09 June 2008 19:56:51 Dan Thurman wrote:
> >> 2) I have tried Kmail and again, it has it's own set of problems,
> >>     one involving threads,
> >
> > Such as?
> KMail used to crash a lot, 

That was a big problem, in that it seemed to depend either on the hardware or 
the software mix.  I know it happened on one box here, but not on others.  
Such intermittent problems are very difficult to trace.

> and was terrible at filtering. 

Never had a problem with that until I started using IMAP.  At that point 
server-side filtering is the solution.

> And then got  
> ignored quite a bit with 4.0 then coming up. But it has since been
> rejuvenated.
I've been using kmail for several years.  Tried evo and hated it - of course 
that was years ago, so it may be quite different now.  Tried Thunderbird, but 
there were too many things in kmail that I couldn't do in t'bird, so here I 
stay :-)


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