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Re: url for fc9 images

Don Cohen wrote:
I'm trying to use net install.  I get to the point where it says
to enter a url for the fedora images.  What url should I use?
I've been searching the documentation and the web for this info
and don't see it.  If it's there, tell me where to look.  If not,
I suggest putting it in the doc.
I'm guessing that this does NOT mean .iso images.

You'd be right about that. You need to find a local mirror to do this effectively (you could install directly from the fedora/RH servers too, though)

Browse down to the toplevel directory containing the 'Packages', 'images' and 'repodata' directories (i.e. it looks like the root of CD1 of an install set.)

This is the URL you need. The installer will happily use FTP or HTTP to fetch packages etc. Over a slow link this will be hellish. Trust me. :)

(this is for Fedora 9 - on earlier releases you may find that one of those dirs is called 'Fedora' rather than 'Packages'. I forget when this changed.)

In my case, one of the UK mirrors is www.mirrorservice.org.

The link at this UK mirror would be the hideously overlong

summarised as:

(who knows, that may even work in the installer. never tried).

obviously it would make sense to choose a mirror that is fairly close to your location.


Stuart Sears RHC*
"It's today!" said Piglet.
"My favourite day," said Pooh.

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