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Re: Curious behaviour with multiple desktops in F9 KDE

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard eircom net> wrote:
> Is there incidentally, a way of ensuring that
> an application will always open in a particular desktop?

There is a command line tool available that will let you launch
programs on a specific workspace.

So, you could use this to write a script to switch to a given
workspace, then launch an app.

This program seems to have been dropped from fedora since there is:
wmctrl.i386                              1.07-2.fc6             fedora
but nothing newer.  Maybe someone else can respond with info on why
this package was dropped.

I just downloaded the source from the site listed above and it seems
to work fine.
This was on systems running gnome, but the web site says it works with kde.


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