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Re: Unable to mount DVD under Fedora 9

Aaron Konstam wrote:
On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 09:08 -0700, stan wrote:
stan wrote:
I'm running Fedora 9, I put a DVD in the player, and it doesn't
The same DVD and player work fine under Fedora 7.  It is just a
DVD. I find nothing in bugzilla for this. Is it a difference in configuration between Fedora 7 and 9, or is it a bug? The DVD is
the second PATA channel as master, and there is a CD as slave. I upgraded using preupgrade so there was no interaction with the DVD during install.

We have a terminology problem. What do you mean by loading. Do you mean
mounting. Have you configured this in : System->Preferences->
Hardware->Removeable Drives and Media Performance -> Storage, clicking
Browse removable media when inserted. This did not need to be clicked in f7. Maybe it needs to be in f9.

Yes, loading means mounting. In the past it came up on the desktop as an icon,
and the directory opens in nautilus when I put the media in the DVD.  When I
use the menus to go to the location you recommended, there is no Storage tab.

I have entries in fstab that define it. I've also tried mounting it as root. I've already opened a bugzilla for this, and when I was gathering the data to place in the bugzilla, I noticed there was an anomaly during boot. The drive was
recognized as DVDRW on the second try, and then overwritten with the CDRW
during device setup. Suggests to me that retry isn't taken into account when the device is assigned.
Thanks for your response.

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