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Re: Ripping music CDs - program that is good with multiple optical drives

Marland V. Pittman wrote:
> Craig White wrote:
>> I ended up using iTunes on one of my Windows systems in my office
>> that I rarely use...set it up to scan and eject.
> That's exactly the experience I'm looking for.

Grip has an option to auto rip on insert and auto eject when it is
done.  Making it work with multiple cd drives isn't all that clean,
but you can do it with a bit of fiddling.  I believe the basic ide is
that you setup several grip config files, one for each drive, then
start grip with the --config option pointed at the proper config.

I'm not sure if that would be significantly faster than doing one cd
at a time or not.  I think the bottelneck might well be the processer
power to encode the files, not the reading of the contents off the cd.
But it depends on how fast your drives are and how much CPU you have
to toss at the task I suppose. :)

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