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Re: [F8]: Getting MIDI player to work: HOW?

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 11:21:15 -0700, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

> Ok, running Timidity works perfectly for me.  But when I tried to run
> this midi file with Audiacious, what is odd is that it does not allow me
> to run the file with it's default configuration.  Granted, I tried to
> configure the Midi Add-in I:
> 1) Added the Soundfonts (PCLite)
> 2) Enabled 14:0 Midi Through:  Midi Through Midi Port-0
> 3) The default 'ADmidi' backend is ALSA backend 0.8b1, and
>     did not work so I selected: FluidSynth Backend 0.8b1
> 4) Applied the changes
> Then clicked the Right-Arrow (Play) button and it sounded like
> only treble was playing - tinny sound.  Missing was the base
> clef.  So how do I make sure that the configuration is properly
> setup here?

I cannot even get Audacious to load .mid files. :) They [1] are not
added to the playlist, which means they are not recognised.
The timidity plugin for Audacious is installed, though. What's
wrong there needs a look at the plugin source.

[1] http://mschwendt.fedorapeople.org/mid/

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