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Re: Ripping music CDs - program that is good with multiple optical drives

Robin Laing wrote:
Marland V. Pittman wrote:
Todd Zullinger wrote:
Marland V. Pittman wrote:
Craig White wrote:

Yeah, I think encoding will be slower than ripping, but, I'd be glad to separate the tasks and do some huge batch encoding if it let me go through the ripping part faster. I don't know if any of the programs have a "batch encode" check box or option.

I do have that quad Opteron box, so I'm kind of hoping to get some sort of efficiency out of it. I haven't looked at many benchmarks to see if I'll benefit, but maybe running multiple instances with some sort of processor affinity setting would be better in this case... who knows.

I prefer Grip and would be interested in how this goes.

I have started ripping to flac with the maximum compression (not worried about time) and let it go. Drive space is cheap, time isn't. Once I get a full drive ripped, I then make a backup on a different drive that is outside the computer.

If you get it working, write a howto.

I'll second that, i am always willing to switch to a more efficient method and a good how-to is hard to find.

There are some media converters available from yum that we use when we want to get the songs onto our portable player. My iRiver will play ogg files. I am looking for one that uses memory cards and will play flac files.

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