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Re: Checking CPU temperature

Paul Smith wrote:
I guess Mikkel's guess is not correct, as I can see the CPU
temperature when within the BIOS setup. My motherboard has to have
such a temperature sensors, as otherwise the BIOS could not get the
CPU temperature. Probably, something is not working properly on Fedora
How many temperatures are shown in the BIOS ?

If your machine has been on a while and you reboot, what are the value shown in BIOS vs the values shortly after booting fedora. This might help you work out which sensor is reading what {or anything at all}.

The second issue is scaling; the sensors give a reading that software needs to scale {maybe invert as well depending on the chip}, to legit temperature values.

The next thing to try would be to see if opening the lid, or heating the PC up causes the temp values to change - at all ?

$ man sensors.conf

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