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Re: Switching virtual terminals

Ric Moore wrote:
On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 22:56 -0400, Jim Dever wrote:
Ric Moore wrote:

Wow, it must be in the way the key combination works out in the
resultant ASCII code. I wonder if you switched your keyboard setting to
US instead of "Hail the Queen" if that would set ctrl-alt-F7 to rights,
as well as your other keys?? It's a thought. When trouble shooting with
a shotgun, you gotta hit something! Ric

Well you won't believe this but I found the problem. This keyboard has ALT keys on both sides of the space bar. The one on the left works fine. Switches terminals and even takes me back to X. The ALT key on the right does nothing. How's that for strange!

Ha! I don't think I've ever tried using the right alt-key. So, that
didn't occur to me. I've always used the left hand one. That IS strange
though! Thanks for providing us with what you found! Ric

Well I feel kinda stupid about the whole thing now but you're quite welcome. With my physical disabilities it's just easier to use the right one. And Right-CTRL-ALT-Fx does take you to the virtual terminal from X. It just doesn't do anything once you're in text mode.

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