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Re: hard drive install FC6 failed

1.my pc install with WinXp , and I want install FC6 in same harddisk.I don't understand what's you have said

Aa Far As I Know none of the nixes refer to drives by letters like e: that is a windows convention.
2.grub has boot vmlinuz with initrd.img successful,so no problem with grub configure.I think problem is FC6 installer cannot find harddisk even than iso file.and if it can find harddisk ,it can sure find the directory ,it's not a question.

Probably because of the way you refer to the file and where it is stored. Maybe you need a separate FAT or FAT32 partition to store the ISO or even better something formatted with ext3 or other nix filesystem, others can probably explain it better but I would say that is your problem.

Never mind what I said. I should have gone back and reread the thread before I responded, my memory is shoddier than I remember ;^)

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