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Re: I HATE Evolution ! Thunderbird ?

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 08:24:20 -0700
"Daniel B. Thurman" <dant cdkkt com> wrote:

> As I am writing from M$-Outlook, I found that Evo (and possibly
> KMail), filled up my inbox folders expotentally with multiple
> copies of multiple emails.  I had to shut down all email clients
> on F8 to see if the problem stops.  So far, it has been quiet.
> I noticed this behavior before, when running Evo (connector)
> and Kmail(IMAP) but forgotten because I was using Outlook for
> a long time due to circumstances, but once I went back to
> working on F8 I needed to have email there as well and that is
> when the SHTF.  Oh, my... that's right - that is why I dropped
> Evo for Kmail for Thunderbird, none which worked well for me,
> each having it's own particulars.
> I think I'll try seakmonkey next, and see what it offers.
> Dan

Try claws-mail too.

Best regards, Bob

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