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Re: tr problem

Gene Heskett wrote:
Man pages generally never mention the things the shell does to a command
line before starting the program.  This will include expanding variables
and wildcard filenames, redirecting I/O, and other things triggered by
shell metacharacters.  In this case tr doesn't particularly need the
quotes, but if you don't use them the shell will parse and remove the \
characters (treating them as quotes for the following character in its
own parsing).  These details are the same for every command you type (or
script) and not repeated in every man page.

I got it working now, but once its done, I won't need it again till 3 years down the log, and will have forgotten it again. Thanks Les.

But you use the shell every day and it parses/processes every command you type. It's worth a bit of time learning what to expect from it at least in terms of variable and wildcard substitions, i/o redirection, quote processing and a few other things. And it helps to know that when looking at any other program's man page.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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