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MythTV and repo conflicts...

My current repo list is the default fedora repos PLUS livna.

When I tried to install MythTV, I get this error:
Error: Missing Dependency: libmp4ff.so.0 is needed by package mythmusic

Some say that I need to disable livna, install atrpms repos, enable it, then
yum remove faad2

But if so, it would remove:
Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
faad2 i386 1:2.0-21.20050131.lvn8 installed 353 k
Removing for dependencies:
akode-extras            i386       2.0.2-1.lvn8.1   installed          29 k
amarok-extras-nonfree   i386       1.4.8-1.lvn8     installed          376
avidemux                i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         8.4 M
avidemux-gtk            i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         7.7 M
avidemux-qt             i386       2.4.1-2.lvn8     installed         7.5 M
devede                  noarch     3.8c-1.lvn8      installed         2.7 M
dvdstyler               i386       1:1.5.1-2.lvn8   installed         2.9 M
ffmpeg i386 0.4.9-0.41.20071011.lvn8 installed 560 k ffmpeg-libs i386 0.4.9-0.41.20071011.lvn8 installed 4.2 M
ffmpeg2theora           i386       0.19-1.lvn8      installed          63 k
gecko-mediaplayer       i386       0.6.2-1.lvn8     installed         425 k
gnome-mplayer           i386       0.6.2-2.lvn8     installed         376 k
gstreamer-plugins-bad   i386       0.10.5-14.lvn8   installed         1.3 M
gstreamer-plugins-bad-extras i386 0.10.5-14.lvn8 installed 83 k
k3b-extras-nonfree      i386       1.0.3-1.lvn8     installed         180 k
k9copy                  i386       1.2.2-1.lvn8     installed         2.7 M
kdemultimedia-extras-nonfree i386 6:3.5.8-1.lvn8 installed 1.7 M
kino                    i386       1.2.0-1.lvn8     installed         7.3 M
kplayer                 i386       1:0.6.2-3.lvn8   installed         8.7 M
libquicktime            i386       1.0.1-1.lvn8     installed         932 k
libquicktime-utils      i386       1.0.1-1.lvn8     installed         121 k
mencoder i386 1.0-0.90.rc2.lvn8 installed 6.6 M mjpegtools i386 1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8 installed 1.2 M mjpegtools-gui i386 1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8 installed 66 k mjpegtools-libs i386 1.9.0-0.4.rc2.lvn8 installed 573 k
mozilla-vlc             i386       0.8.6h-1.lvn8    installed         102 k
mpd                     i386       0.13.1-1.lvn8    installed         315 k
mplayer i386 1.0-0.90.rc2.lvn8 installed 8.4 M mplayer-gui i386 1.0-0.90.rc2.lvn8 installed 7.9 M
mplayer-skins           noarch     1.8-1            installed          16 M
streamripper            i386       1.62.3-6.lvn8    installed         167 k
swfdec                  i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed         681 k
swfdec-gtk              i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed          61 k
swfdec-mozilla          i386       0.5.3-1.lvn8     installed          70 k
transcode               i386       1.0.4-5.lvn8     installed         5.7 M
vdr-burn i386 0.1.0-0.8.pre21.lvn8.2 installed 866 k
vdr-dxr3                i386       0.2.7-2.lvn8     installed         219 k
vdr-mp3                 i386       0.10.1-1.lvn8    installed         399 k
vdr-mplayer             i386       0.10.1-1.lvn8    installed         231 k
vdrsync noarch 0.1.3-7.PRE1.050322.lvn8 installed 489 k
vlc                     i386       0.8.6h-1.lvn8    installed         3.6 M
vlc-core                i386       0.8.6h-1.lvn8    installed          17 M
xine-lib-extras-nonfree i386 1.1.12-1.lvn8 installed 1.2 M
xvidcap                 i386       1.1.6-1.lvn8     installed         6.5 M
y4mscaler               i386       9.0-5.lvn8       installed         159 k

Transaction Summary
Install 0 Package(s) Update 0 Package(s) Remove 46 Package(s)

Egads!  This is literally all the work I had done to get all
of my sounds, music, videos support that works great right
now - I really don't want to have to lose hours I have spent
getting all that setup or to remove and pray that I can get
it all back in working order!

I have a Diamond XtremeTV USB 2.0 TV tuner (PC600) that
I would like to use - I wonder if it is worth it.

Any advice?


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