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f9 2.6.25 kernel driver module capability question


We use fedora at work and are trying to port our driver from F7 to F9.

I am acting as gopher for our system architect so please be liberal with any commentary. I won't be able to post his feedback to any comments/questions (as necc.) until Tuesday evening.

I believe he wants our applications (running as non-root user) to be able to open his driver, and the driver to be able to run at real-time priority. We did this in F7 without any apparent issues.

Any help, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated.


code and issues :

  struct sched_param param = {70};
  kernel_cap_t effective, inheritable, permitted, all;

  cap_set_full(all); // be sure we have enough permissions to call
                     // sched_setscheduler.
                     // probably only need CAP_SYS_NICE, but let's be
                     // "(un)safe"

  // save old permissions
  cap_capget(current,&effective, &inheritable, &permitted);

  // setup permissions to do this
  cap_capset_set(current,&all, &all, &all);

  // setup realtime priority

  // restore permissions
  cap_capset_set(current,&effective, &inheritable, &permitted);

used to be able to do this in f7 / 2.6.23 kernel, now we get:

WARNING: "cap_capset_set" [/usr/CSM/src/ONI/oni_driver/oni.ko] undefined!
WARNING: "cap_capget" [/usr/CSM/src/ONI/oni_driver/oni.ko] undefined!

when building and of course:

ion: Unknown symbol cap_capget
ion: Unknown symbol cap_capset_set

when insmod'ing under f9 / 2.6.25

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