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Re: tr problem

On Sat, 2008-06-14 at 09:05 -0700, Les wrote:


> 	And while I dislike the issues with text presentation that occur, I do
> understand the history of it, and the issue of backward compatibility.
> You might find it entertaining to look up some of the history of text
> editors some time, and certainly informative.

Well, I installed my first Unix system in 1975 so I do know something
about that. And I clearly remember finding out about the Unix convention
of a single-character end-of-line marker and think "thank God, at last
someone has done this right". It's noteworthy that this was way before
MS-DOS came along and screwed it up again.

> [...]

> Perhaps with your great
> insight you might provide the Second Life, VRML, Croquet, Cobalt, WOW,
> and others with valuable information on standardization?

How did you get from "representing text on some device" to weak sarcasm
about all that other stuff? Strawman arguments don't change one iota of
what I'm saying, i.e. that plain text is plain text, and displaying is
displaying. The context of this discussion is the conversion of a plain
text file from one system to another, that's all.


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