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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

On Sat June 14 2008 14:21:29 Antonio Olivares wrote:
> stay here and write many, many bug reports, rally the troops in hopes of
> making KDE 4.X the best KDE that is possible, take the positives the good
> things and try to turn your face to bad things, the things you do not like
> about KDE.  In all the bad, there has to be something good.  Okular is very
> good.  Evince is also.  I can use either or to view multiple document
> formats, ie., dvi, pdf, ps, etc.  . Let the battle to which desktop in
> Fedora 9 or higher begin, which one earns your respect and choice after
> all, you can make other statements that can make more impact.

There is reason to hope that in a couple of years KDE 4.x will be better
than KDE 3.5, but for now KDE 4.x is unproductive for most users.

Distros that don't provide KDE 3.5 for their KDE users while KDE 4.x is
being developed will simply lose most of their KDE users.  That is not a
good thing for Fedora and that is not a good thing for Red Hat.  And there
are things I'd rather be doing than migrating a bunch of installations to
some other distro.

--Mike Bird

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