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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10?

Mike Bird <mgb-fedora <at> yosemite.net> writes:
> Unfortunately it is true.  Many of the KDE devels believe
> 4.0 should not have been shipped, and are upset that 4.1
> will also ship with such a poor desktop.
> e.g. http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=121309298223054&w=2

Just because people post to kde-devel doesn't mean they actually are KDE 
developers. The people who complain and want to fork KDE are not KDE 
developers, they might not even have written a single line of KDE code. Some 
actual KDE developers, such as Aaron J. Seigo, have intervened in that thread, 
but they are not the ones who think 4.0 should not have been shipped and want 
to fork KDE.

> The KDE devels' [sic, see above] debate can be fairly summarized as:
> A. We shouldn't be shipping 4.x in this state.
> B. Plasma can do everything that 3.5 could do.
> A. When?  4.2?  4.3?
> B. Yeah, maybe.

That's a fairly bad summary of what the KDE developers really think, you have 
probably been misled by FUD from the complainers and/or misunderstood 

What you're also missing is that Plasma can already do things KDE 3.5 can't 
(for example, several Plasmoids can be put either on the desktop or on the 
panel at your own discretion, and automatically adapt to the different form 
factor - try putting a KDE 3 Superkaramba widget into the panel or a KDE 3 
Kicker panel applet onto the desktop) and that "Plasma can do everything that 
3.5 could do." is not a necessary condition for Plasma to be usable.

> We all make mistakes.  Shipping KDE 4.0 in F9 was a mistake.

No, it was not.

> It would be insulting to the members of the Fedora KDE SIG
> to assume that they would repeat their mistake in F10.

Uh, I'm one of those members of the Fedora KDE SIG, and it's your accusation of 
having made a mistake which offends me.

Fedora 10 will ship with KDE 4.1.x.

        Kevin Kofler

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