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Re: KDE 4.0: icons go crazy.

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Francisco Miguel Biete <fbiete <at> gmail.com> writes:
I installed an icon theme from kde-look and my icons went crazy, almost everyone was the rewind icon. I removed the icon theme, switched back to fedora oxygen and logout. Maybe a change of format between KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.0??? i will remaing with the default for a while... until KDE 4.1??

Yes, icon themes for KDE 3 do not work properly in KDE 4 and are not expected to. KDE 3 used its own nonstandard icon naming, KDE 4 now complies with the freedesktop.org icon-naming-spec. This is not a bug, and almost certainly KDE 4 will never support old KDE 3 icon themes.

        Kevin Kofler

Let me get it right.
Some of the themes I find in the System Settings of KDE 4 are known not to work with KDE 4?
Why are they there?
How do I know which ones are good?


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