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Re: Fedora 9 & runlevel 3

Javier Perez wrote:

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 8:32 PM, Tom Horsley <tom horsley att net <mailto:tom horsley att net>> wrote:

    On Tue, 03 Jun 2008 20:44:19 -0400
    Bob Barrett <bobbrrtt earthlink net
    <mailto:bobbrrtt earthlink net>> wrote:

    > I'd sure like to
    > know what other process is running while /bin/login is waiting
    for me to
    > login.

    Maybe you could replace telinit with a script that does a ps to a log
    file, then execs the original telinit?

    I certainly don't have the problem on my fedora 9 virtual machine
    I switched to runlevel 3 after installing it.

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I suggest you use the Bootchart utility. http://www.bootchart.org <http://www.bootchart.org/> It shows the whole boot process after execution of "init" phase collecting all sort of statistics. The important issue here is that it shows which programs run when during the whole start up. Maybe it can help you find up who is starting up GDM My 2 cents
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Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded it, but at the same time stumbled across the forum mentioned below. That set me off on a new direction. I'll put it to
use later. It looks like it will be very useful.

For my personal use, I have used Linux since the first Slackware release to
appear on a CD. I have used Debian and FreeBSD. I used two or three releases of
Red Hat before Fedora became available. I have used Fedora for 99% of my
computing since. I never use MS products at home.

I have never before had this kind of problem. The kind where the developers go off on some experimentation tangent, but supply so little information for the
users. I'm disappointed in Fedora 9.

I downloaded and burned the Fedora 9 DVD May 31, then installed it. The first couple of boots showed messages on the screen starting with the one about the interactive boot and ending with the udev message (only a few lines), then the
graphical boot started.

To restate the problem: I prefer to start in a console (tty) and I like all the boot messages I can get. I removed "rhgb" and "quiet" from /boot/grub/grub.conf.
I changed /etc/inittab to read "id:3:initdefault:".

/etc/inittab after the change:

# inittab is only used by upstart for the default runlevel.
# System initialization is started by /etc/event.d/rcS
# Individual runlevels are started by /etc/event.d/rc[0-6]
# Ctrl-Alt-Delete is handled by /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete
# Terminal gettys (tty[1-6]) are handled by /etc/event.d/tty[1-6] and
# /etc/event.d/serial
# For information on how to write upstart event handlers, or how
# upstart works, see init(8), initctl(8), and events(5).
# Default runlevel. The runlevels used are:
#   0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)
#   1 - Single user mode
#   2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have
#   networking)
#   3 - Full multiuser mode
#   4 - unused
#   5 - X11
#   6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)

None of the man pages indicated had anything that appeared directly to selecting
the default runlevel.

This appeared to work as intended. I got all the boot messages. They scrolled
down the screen to the loggin prompt. The prompt lasted only about 1/10 of a
second. The screen went blank, then the graphical boot started. It seemed to be
starting in runlevel 3, but then immediatly change to runlevel 5.

/etc/inittab leads off with "inittab is only used by upstart for the default
runlevel." Therefore, it appears that it is used to set the default runlevel.

However, according to this forum exchange, it's ignored by upstart. I stumbled
across this while googling for "Fedora 9 & runlevel 3":


What makes it even more misleading is that it almost works. The above
referenced forum exchange took place in April. My download was at the end of
May, and I have had a couple of updates. If fixed this, would it appear in an update?

I have added a "3" to the end of the kernel command line in grub.conf. Now it
works the way I want, but it seems there should be a better way of doing it.

Red Hat and Fedora have been leaders in advancing free software. I really
appreciate that, and I have never been critical of free software before, but
this has been very frustrating and time consuming. I know that Fedora is leading edge and used for R&D for Red Hat, but Fedora 8 runs so well that many people use it as their general computing environment. If a major change of operation is
planned, I think it should be a little better developed before release. This
wasn't ready to be released.


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