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Re: Fedora 9 & runlevel 3

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 19:25:05 -0400
Bob Barrett <bobbrrtt earthlink net> wrote:

> I have never before had this kind of problem. The kind where
> the developers go off on some experimentation tangent, but
> supply so little information for the users. I'm disappointed in
> Fedora 9.

That's hard to believe: It has been my experience that describes
the primary development model for all open source software :-).

> /etc/inittab leads off with "inittab is only used by upstart for the default
> runlevel." Therefore, it appears that it is used to set the default 
> runlevel.
> However, according to this forum exchange, it's ignored by upstart.

If you look at /etc/event.d/rcS you'll see the code that looks at
/etc/inittab to pick up the runlevel.

You'll also see that it fails to ignore lines starting with '#' :-).

I got all my virtual machines at work to start in runlevel 3 perfectly
fine, but I merely changed the 5 to a 3, I didn't comment out the one
line and add a new one like you show in your example.

You are probably under the mistaken impression that open source projects
are intended to be tools people use to get work done - that's not it at all.
It is really a large interactive adventure/puzzle game where the only
inflexible rule is that if anyone ever figures out how to get useful
work done, they have to change it completely right away :-).

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