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Can anaconda be forced to load certain sata modules?

I have a problem with installation of fedora 8 or 9 on a couple of pcs. 
The problem seems to be, that anaconda doesn't find any harddisks.

One computer is a Transtec rackmount server, 2x Dual-Core AMD Opteron
with nVidia chipset. When running Fedora 7, the modules sata_nv and
pata_amd are loaded (btw, is it possible to see which one of them is
responsible for accessing the disks?). When booting anaconda (dvd or
from preupgrade), only libata and ata_generic get loaded, and the
messages indicate that no disks are found. This happens both with Fedora
8 and with Fedora 9.

On the other computer, a Dell Precission 390, Intel Core2, Intel 975
chipset, it is essentially the same problem, only there it is the 
ata_piix module that is present in fedora 7 and doesn't get loaded in
Fedora 8/9. The weird thing here is, we have other Dell systems which
should have identical specifications, which work just fine under Fedora 8
(haven't tried Fedora 9 on those machines yet since 8 works just fine)

So the question is: is it possible to tell the kernel, or anaconda, to
load certain modules, or to force a more complete detection of the
hardware present in the system, or any other tips to get these machines
installed properly?

David Jansen

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