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Re: recent kernel upgrades damage mbr

Maurizio Marini wrote:
I would advice any list member that it is in the wild a issue regarding grub and mbr.

I invite who has not yet done it, to save mbr on a secure place before any kernel or grub related upgrade, dd is your friend. In the meantime fedora experts and developers are at work (hopefully) to investigate and solve this issue.

man adviced, man half saved


While I'm certainly an advocate for 'better safe than sorry', I've never seen a problem with the MBR on a kernel upgrade or install. Ever. And I've been building kernels since mid '97 or so.

That said, this subject line is really misleading and should really be more about grub than kernels, since grub upgrade do affect the mbr and kernel upgrades (in my experience) don't.

I read this subject line and freaked since I had just updated one of my servers to the latest kernel and was rebooting as I read it. Of course, it came up fine, so I did some research and wanted to clarify this post some.

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