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Re: F9 install : can't get X to work

On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 15:38:06 +0000, I Beartooth wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Jun 2008 19:27:19 -0700, Craig White wrote:
>> edit the grub boot (press 'e') and then edit the 'kernel' line by
>> adding '3' at the end to boot in runlevel 3
> 	Aha! no init. Worked fine; many thanks! I added the 3 in /etc/
> grub.conf, to make sure I don't forget.
>> I would probably recommend that you simply run 'system-config-display
>> --reconfig'
> 	First, I made #2 try to scr its own xorg.conf to #1; or #1 to scp
> it from #2. Scp still failed.
> 	But ssh succeeded; so I now have #2 (whose name is hbsk) logged
> in as root on #1 (whose name is TopBlack) -- so that I can click back
> and forth on #2 between newsreader and ssh session.
	[.... failure ...]
> 	I think that means my next move is to shut everything down, pull
> #1 (which should now boot to init3) out from behind the KVM switch, plug
> it directly into the peripherals, boot it up, and run system-config-
> display --reconfig again on it (a command for which I thank you; I
> didn't know anything like it existed).

	We progress, we progress -- albeit inchwise. I did the above; it 
brought up a tiny-looking version of what I normally see when I click on 
Display in the Main Menu.

	But that display thinks the resolution should be 800x600 -- and 
seems not to see the mouse. Using the tab and the arrows  I got to the 
Hardware tab. That gives HP w2207 as the monitor; it's actually w2207h.

	But trying to change it is an exercise in frustration. If I 
could, I'd probably change to generic LCD 1680x1050, or perhaps 
1280x1024, or something between, judging by experience with my other 

	It shows me no list to choose from, even with tab & arrows, but a 
blank small window  which it doesn't let me type into -- nor even close.

	Ctrl-Alt-Backspace got me out of that -- but only to a 
meaningless display with no prompt.

	If I could get to that Display-display normally, with full use 
even of just the mouse (or tab & arrows to go up and down visible lists), 
I think I could putter with it enough to get something usable; I've been 
doing so with various Fedora releases, machines, and monitors for years 
	If I boot #2 in its present headless state, it will be on the 
router; maybe I can finagle an scp yet.

	Or if I burn an xorg.conf to a CD, maybe (maybe!) #1 will mount 
it in init3 -- and maybe (triple maybe!) I can  somehow get it to copy 
from CD to /etc/X11 ...

	I'm getting way out of my tree, and a long way onto thin ice 
here ...
Beartooth Staffwright, Not Quite Clueless Power User
Remember I know little (precious little!) of where up is.

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