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Re: Recent F9 stability

Louis E Garcia II wrote:
Recently I have had problems with f9. Networking is completely frozen
from time to time. The latest xorg server update it unusable for me due
to firfox slow scrolling and other irregularities. The firefox issue
with fsync() has gotten worse. Now evolution has this inbox problem but
I see there is a fix in the pipeline.

I sent a previous email about this but got no response. Anyone else
having similar problems?
FC9 seems to have thrown us back to the bad old days of FC3 and 4, where hardly anything worked quite right. Its pretty irritating after 6, 7, and 8 which just worked for most of us. I think they pushed a few too many things to the bleeding edge on this one.

Firefox has some slowdowns, but thunderbird is much worse. It just goes completely to sleep for substantial periods. Some machines can't work with the updated kernels, as X either won't start of acts weird. This machine is Ok with the -18 kernel RPM, but its matrox card acts crazy with the -30 and -55 updates.


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