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Re: Upgrade from 8 to 9: Yes or no ?

On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 12:31:49 +0200
Martin Schoch <mschoch gmail com> wrote:

> Someone made similar considerations and then did the upgrade then?

I always keep extra partitions around where I can install from
scratch the new release and decide if things work well enough to
switch (also allows me to keep the previous release around
in case I need to go back to it and to check and see how I did
things so I can replicate all the features in the new partition).

So far, my fedora 9 boot partition has not yet become my default
system - fedora 9 is far and away the most beta quality fedora
release I've ever seen. Things have gotten better with updates,
but there are still things I'm trying to get to work right
(last night when doing some more fedora 9 testing, I just noticed
I get no audio from mplayer - haven't yet tried to figure that
out, but it is the sort of thing I need fixed before I can
decide to change my default boot partition).

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