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Re: Upgrade from 8 to 9: Yes or no ?

Tom Horsley wrote:

> I always keep extra partitions around where I can install from
> scratch the new release and decide if things work well enough to
> switch (also allows me to keep the previous release around
> in case I need to go back to it and to check and see how I did
> things so I can replicate all the features in the new partition).

One slight problem with this is that if one shares /home
between the two versions this could conceivably cause problems.

I've gone over to Fedora-9 on a new partition,
but yesterday reverted to Fedora-8 to try to sort out
problems with openssl under F-9.

I use KDE; and it struck me that KDE under F-8 might make changes
to files in ~/.kde which would be incompatible with KDE-4.
As it happened this did not seem to happen,
but I created a user "guest" to use in future on Fedora-8 just in case.

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