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Re: Upgrade from 8 to 9: Yes or no ?


I have a wonderful running F8 just like you.

However, early on in my quest to use Fedora, I read an article from the Community gurus that
you should never trust using the upgrade method.

I have followed that religiously.  I would suggest that you try a copy of VirtualBox. It
is VM product which is now owned by Sun Microsystems.  It is still free and comes in
Windows and Linux.

I use it to load new releases of Fedora and also as VM of Windows XP Pro.

Go to the Sun website and lookit up.  It loaded for me perfectly and works as

Thanks and good luck.

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 6:31 AM, Martin Schoch <mschoch gmail com> wrote:
Hello ,

silly - I know ;-) I have a Fedora 8 installation which runs perfectly
- with webserver as Intranet with many modules -- runs without any problems.

But Fedora 9 is out - should I make the upgrade or should I follow
"Never change a running system"?

As I understood many postings, an upgrade would be a very good idea -
much better and more stable would be a very fresh Installation. Only
then I would have to re-compile all my additional modules - I really
do not know whether the effort worthwhile ...

Someone made similar considerations and then did the upgrade then?

Best regards,
 Martin                          mailto:mschoch gmail com

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