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Re: Memory, swap, and limits

Beartooth Sciurivore wrote:
Every new computer I've yet had has begun slowing down soon after I get it -- probably because I keep several browsers open, with from several to many tabs each. I've learned long since to make sure each machine has all the memory it can handle from the git-go, before it ever reaches my house. And every time I do an install, when I get to anaconda's partitioning stage, I try to triple the swap; it always refuses.

Yet the little bar graph that Gnome's System Monitor (2.22.2 on the present F9 machine; probably the same on all the rest -- I always upgrade early) puts on my panel seldom shows a total of memory and swap together much less than 95% in use.

Otoh, I've never gotten anywhere near filling up a hard drive, except once when I had a testbed machine triple booting three different distros. So why can't I at least increase the swap space?
Having TOO much swap space can be a detriment and not an asset. Usually, the rule of thumb I go by is allocate about 2x the amount of physical memory installed on the system; for machines with < 1M. This number will need to approach more or less 1x for machines with 1-2M. With machines with > 2M; I'm not sure swap space will make much of a difference, unless you rely on X heavily.


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