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Re: Upgrade from 8 to 9: Yes or no ?


On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 6:31 AM, Martin Schoch <mschoch gmail com> wrote:
Hello ,

silly - I know ;-) I have a Fedora 8 installation which runs perfectly
- with webserver as Intranet with many modules -- runs without any problems.

But Fedora 9 is out - should I make the upgrade or should I follow
"Never change a running system"?

As I understood many postings, an upgrade would be a very good idea -
much better and more stable would be a very fresh Installation. Only
then I would have to re-compile all my additional modules - I really
do not know whether the effort worthwhile ...

Someone made similar considerations and then did the upgrade then?

Best regards,
 Martin                          mailto:mschoch gmail com

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FWIW, F8 is getting to be almost as unstable as F9 with the recent kernel updates to try to stay in lockstep with F9.  I recently updated my kernel to the 2.6.25-4.10 version and I've had the system lockup ever since.  At first I thought it was gnome updates that was causing it so I moved over to using xdm and fluxbox, but that hasn't fixed the lockups.  It's at the point where I need to power off the box with the power button and then restart it to get the laptop back up.  So beware kernel updates whether it's F8 or F9 at this time would be my advice and don't go to F9 until they get things straightened out.  Too bad...I advocate the use of Linux over Windows to everybody I talk to, show them my laptop running Linux with my apps running, and always tell them how stable it is.  I'll have to be careful with that now as it's not nearly as stable as it has been in the past.


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