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Re: Fedora ain't playin' around w/Firefox 3.

2008/6/18 David Boles <dgboles gmail com>:
> Scott wrote:
>> This is new....
>> http://fedoraproject.org/static/firefox/
>> I wonder what brought this on...
> That sounds like, to me, that Mozilla and Fedora are providing you with a
> reasonably safe and secure Firefox browser. If you chose to add third party
> software to Firefox, Flash for example, and it breaks your system or opens
> you up to outside attacks you get to keep the 'pieces' and the 'bugs'.  ;-)

Why does that page single out the "anti-phishing" (Suspected Forgery)
service of FF3?

I maybe totally wrong on this (someone please correct me) but it seems
more like a privacy disclosure and less to do with
3rd-party-"breakage".  Specifically in this case some 3rd party (i.e.
Google) will be receiving information about the specific URL's you are
browsing (along with cookies, etc.). See:


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