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Re: F8 k3b problem or just random glitch?

On Wednesday 18 June 2008, Tom Horsley wrote:
>I left a DVD-R being written by K3B, and when I came back
>later, it said the verify failed because there were
>no tracks to verify.

That is because the verify phase of k3b will not wait till the drive has 
recognized the disk after the eject cycle, so it errors out.  I have squawked 
about that on the k3b bz, to no avail.  I have also replaced an otherwise 
perfectly good dvd writer, no diff.

>However, when I mounted the dvd and did a sha1sum of the
>files I'd backed up, they matched perfectly the files on
>the DVD.

I just do one of the whole unmounted disk after calculating how many 2048 block 
sectors dd should read from the disk and feed to sha1sum.  Works everytime.

>Can I attribute this to random cosmic rays or something?
>Or has the new kernel screwed up something k3b depends on?
>Or has some new "helpful" security feature made k3b fail?
>(I guess I'll see what happens the next time I have a
>chunk of files to backup :-).

How the kernel reports the timeout error could have a bearing on it I suppose.

>I have certainly done a backup with verify via k3b many
>times before under F8 with no problems, but this may be the
>first time since fedora 8 got a 2.6.25 kernel.

I had trouble long before we got to 2.6.25.  The above is my workaround.

Cheers, Gene
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