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RE: Fedora ain't playin' around w/Firefox 3.


the issue of the FF security measures (and others) is that the data on the
URLs you visit might go back to a 3rd party company (IE google), which
could/would therefore have a track of the sites that you visit.

it's up to you to decide if you trust them with this kind of data and if you
value the service that it might provide to you, the user.

google claims that they're not going to do anything with the data, but
there's nothing to stop them if they do.

it would be nice if google/firefox actually would spell all of this out, as
well as make the default "off", but it's easier for them to have the user
have to opt out.

i didn't discover this, untill i was looking at the packets/traffic from my
FF browser and got curious about the "google" traffic when i wasn't using

if microsoft did this, people would scream like hell. if firefox/google does
it, it's aww... ain't that cute!!

bottom line, the user should be told what the hell is going on, without
having to have a degree in comp sci!!


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2008/6/18 David Boles <dgboles gmail com>:
> Scott wrote:
>> This is new....
>> http://fedoraproject.org/static/firefox/
>> I wonder what brought this on...
> That sounds like, to me, that Mozilla and Fedora are providing you with a
> reasonably safe and secure Firefox browser. If you chose to add third
> software to Firefox, Flash for example, and it breaks your system or opens
> you up to outside attacks you get to keep the 'pieces' and the 'bugs'.

Why does that page single out the "anti-phishing" (Suspected Forgery)
service of FF3?

I maybe totally wrong on this (someone please correct me) but it seems
more like a privacy disclosure and less to do with
3rd-party-"breakage".  Specifically in this case some 3rd party (i.e.
Google) will be receiving information about the specific URL's you are
browsing (along with cookies, etc.). See:


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