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Re: Upgrade from 8 to 9: Yes or no ?

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 12:31:49 +0200,
  Martin Schoch <mschoch gmail com> wrote:
> Hello ,
> silly - I know ;-) I have a Fedora 8 installation which runs perfectly
> - with webserver as Intranet with many modules -- runs without any problems.

I think that answers your question. You don't appear to have a reason to
upgrade, so don't.

> As I understood many postings, an upgrade would be a very good idea -
> much better and more stable would be a very fresh Installation. Only
> then I would have to re-compile all my additional modules - I really
> do not know whether the effort worthwhile ...

For some people, but they are apparently using the system differently from you,
as you claim to have no problems.

You can certainly look at the new features for F9 and maybe you will decide
that there is something you want. But if you don't have some reason to upgrade.
doing so seems to be unnecessary work and risk. Even if you do want to
evaluate F9 (as eventually you will want to move off F8), you probably don't
want to do it on your production machine.

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