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Desktop effects, workspaces, and the workspace switcher

I have a 7x3 arrangement of workspaces.

I just tried turning on desktop effects. Immediately I notice that the
switcher no longer displays an iconic representation of windows in
other workspaces. Is there a way to restore this behaviour?

I'm also a little confused about worksapces on a cube - it seems to be
that each individual workspace has a total of 7 desktop panes. This seems
rather peculiar to me, as a cube has 6 faces (or it did last time I
looked). So I now seems to have about 147 desktop panes, which is
rather more than I need - I think i should cut down on my workspace
count :-).

Anyway, I thought I'd ask here for help. I did try System->Help first,
but a help window opens, and then immediately fades, which isn't
exacttly helpful! Is there a configuration for desktop effects?
(apart from the turn-on, workspace-on-a-cube, wobbly windows bit).

Where is the documentation on all these phenomenona?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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