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problems w/ net (http) install

Greetings everyone,

So, I'm trying to setup a local server for some net-installs I hope to do with a kickstart file. I am, however, running into an issue.

I have a copy of the fedora 9 install media on the web server that the install will be pulled from, and everything is in tip top shape. This server is actually a fairly new Xserve, and I am using it simply because it is available, has to disk-space and bandwidth, and is a pretty fast system for multiple systems to kickstart aganst. I would rather be doing this off a Fedora/RHEL server, but, this is what I have for the time being.

Anyways, I've rsync'd the install media to the server, and its accessible, however, durring the install, I always get a file or two (sometimes different, sometimes the same), that anaconda spits back at me, saying it could not find/read the file, make sure its not currupted, etc etc etc. I can reboot, or retry, and retry always works, that is, until it hit the next file ti doesn't like. I get about 3-4 of these per install, EVERY TIME. I've checked, the files are there, they are the right size, I've even done an MD% of them and they match their sources. I even re-rsync'd the whole thing a few times.If this is a one time deal, I wouldn't mind, but I need to be able to basically start an install (via kickstart) and walk away.

Now, normally, I would just say forget it, and do it over FTP, but FTP on this Xserver is very, very slow, and my installs, while succeeding without error, are about 10 times longer with the same package set. Also the network alyout means NFS is off the table as well.

Any ideas? I would love any insight.



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