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Re: ssh tunnel problems

Rick Bilonick wrote:
I'm using Fedora 8 on a server behind a firewall (with incoming ssh
blocked) and my computer at home.

I did the following on the server:

ssh -R 5000:localhost:22 me home

which connected to my home computer after I entered the password. (I
could list files, etc.) I also set up /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server
to keep the connection open.

At home I entered (using the password for user=server on the server):

ssh server localhost -p 5000
ssh: connect to host localhost port 5000: Connection refused

I've tried adding:

sshd : ALL : allow
portmap : ALL : allow

to /etc/hosts.allow but still get the same message. I have no idea why
I'm not able to connect to the server through the ssh connection. I can
ssh out from the home computer to other servers with port 22 not

Rick B.


On your home machine, does a netstat -an | grep 5000 show you a listening port?  When do you get if you add the -v flag to your connection attempt from your home computer?

FWIW, your use of localhost on both the server side and the home side makes this a very confusing read.


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