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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

Craig White wrote:
I have a lot of machines running Fedora 8 / KDE and none experience the
issue you are talking about. I suspect there is a problem with your
installation because that is not an issue with Fedora 8/KDE.

not an issue for you, yet in a couple of past post, i do believe there were
comments to similar problems with f8.

in 1 box, i have 2 installs of f8 and only difference is with minimal install
in that kde locks up and even wedges  when it goes to 'crt power down'.

many times i have had to use power switch to reboot as reset switch will not
work. with fuller install, it is only on an occasion that system will lock up
and need a reset switch reboot and seldom i have to power switch it off.

both are troublesome when it comes to 'log out'. minimal install will not
'log out' from time to time and <ctrl+alt+bkspc> will not even work and
requires a 'kill' from a vterm. a few times i have not been able to switch
to a vterm and had reset or power down.

with 2 other boxes with f8, kde will occasionally lock up and wedge with
reset or power switch to restart. but no where near like it is on this one.

on all 3 i have reinstalled several times to clear problem, but to no avail.

hardware problem? maybe. but i do not think so because fc6, f8 live installed,
f8 fel live installed, mandriva 2k8, knoppix 5, have worked with out problems.

a bad dvd burn? not likely as checksum shows burn to be good.

As for the notion of you get what you pay for...this is essentially a
likely to spend much time on a problem that is in F-8 but not in F-9.

i do wish to participate and will when i get to f9. i see no need to
bother developers with 'old problems'. they have enough to do with
getting f9 working better.

my intent is to have a friend with cable internet to burn me a respin
of f8 and install it with hopes of getting a better installation. and
yes, i have been updating. i do not have all installed as yet, as i am
wading thru updates to what i have on system instead of just letting all
updates be made.

i did not intend to drag this out as far as i have as other post was just
to make a comment. and as stated in another post, this thread is kde 3.5
in f10.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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